Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

There are also a few simple lifestyle changes that virtually anyone can make to help keep stones from ever forming. Diet may play a key role as to why some people get kidney stones and others do not.

Below I have listed some home remedies for kidney stones that are proven to help prevent them from developing and also keep them at bay.

What you should eat and what you shouldnt eat is every bit as important when it comes to kidney stone prevention. Specific foods and supplements commonly found in your kitchen will form the best home remedies.

Home Remedies Straight From Your Own Refrigerator

1. Lean Chicken

Lean chicken is packed with valuable B vitamins. The B vitamin family is renowned for staving off kidney stones, especially vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 discourages the body from accumulating too much oxalate.

Excess oxalate is a key factor in forming kidney stones. Just three ounces of lean chicken per day provides over a third of the recommended daily requirement.

2. Milk

Strange but true, milk is essential in preventing kidney stones even though calcium is one of the primary minerals found in kidney stones.

Current evidence reveals that consuming a diet too low in calcium can essentially increase the risk of developing a stone. Reason being when you have low calcium levels, your body generates excess oxalate that may in turn boost the likelihood of developing kidney stones.

One recent study discovered that men who regularly consumed a calcium-rich diet decreased their chances of developing kidney stones by as much as 34% compared to those who consumed lesser amounts.

So, how much calcium is actually required? Most adults need anywhere from 1,000 1,200 mg of calcium per day in order to sufficiently meet the recommended daily allowance. In other words, approximately three glasses of milk should produce the desired results.

3. Carrots

Vitamin A is essential in maintaining optimal kidney function. Just one carrot can provide twice the recommended daily requirements of this supportive nutrient regarding kidneys.

Foods that contain a good amount of Vitamin A include carrots, broccoli, squash, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes.

Off the Shelf Home Remedies

1. Vitamin B6

As mentioned earlier, Vitamin B6 is significant in keeping the kidneys running their best. Scientists have discovered that Vitamin B6 may in fact decrease the level of oxalate in the bloodstream, thus diminishing the risk of kidney stone formation.

Also, magnesium appears to be beneficial in preventing stones as well. Your health practitioner may recommend a daily supplement of magnesium and/or Vitamin B6, or perhaps a drug that combines them. If you regularly supplement your diet with Vitamin B6, no more than 25 mg per day should be plenty.

2. Vitamin A

As stated, Vitamin A is essential to the general health of the urinary tract. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of Vitamin A is 5,000 IU (International Units) for a healthy adult, which can easily be reached by eating a diverse, nutritious, and balanced diet.

Then again, if your diet is too rich in Vitamin A, your body will not properly expel the excess, therefore resulting in a toxic buildup. Consult your doctor to determine just how much Vitamin A your body is absorbing.

Kidney stones can produce acute pain whether they are as large as an acorn or as small as a raisin. The great news is you can reduce the chance of forming stones dramatically by simply taking good care of yourself and following these suggested home remedies for kidney stones.