Acne Remedies To Try At Home

Everyone has probably experienced a problem of acne at least once in their life. And it seems like everyone knows some home acne remedies they’ve heard about from friends, family members, or just read about on the internet or elsewhere.

Acne home treatments remain popular, no matter how effective they are. More than that, there are lots of people who believe that their favorite DIY acne remedy works — even if it’s not so.

Taking into account that there are literally thousands of different acne home treatments, we decided to make a list of some of the most interesting of them (both in a good and in a bad sense). But remember that trying any of them without seeing your doctor first makes sense only if you have an occasional pimple — not severe acne or other similar skin diseases that won’t go away without proper treatment.

So, here are some of the best (and worst) acne remedies to try yourself and a few words about each of them.

Alternative Acne Remedies

Many people believe that natural remedies are the best. So, you are probably interested in natural acne remedies and, most likely, you have even heard about a bunch of them.

The first thing to say on the matter is that natural substances that are really effective in skin condition improvement are already well-studied and used in skin care products and even medicines. But some of them, on the other hand, have not been studied enough to make any claims as for their benefits. Moreover, most of unstudied anti-acne alternative products marketed as “miracle” are no more than placebo. In the worst case, they may be even harmful and provoke allergies.

As for effective anti-acne substances used as alternative treatment, they include tea tree essential oil, green tea extract, and zinc. These substances are studied enough and proven to be effective (and their effectiveness is scientifically grounded) as a complementary treatment or as a primary treatment of a single occasional pimple.

DIY Kitchen Remedies

Many people enjoy making handmade face masks from ingredients, found in the kitchen. Some of the recipes are described as potential acne treatments (like masks, based on lemon juice, cucumbers, or tomatoes).

So, are they really helpful? Most likely, they are not (at least as a primary acne treatment). However, “kitchen” face masks may still improve your skin condition by soothing irritation, removing excess fat, and moisturizing skin. Also, they are just fun to do. But when experimenting with different recipes, do not forget that not all of them are harmless. Some ingredients may cause allergies and contact dermatitis, while the other may even lead to a chemical burn.

Remedies You Can Buy Without Prescription

The so-called over-the-counter treatments are not what are typically called acne home remedies. Still, basically, they are. What is more, of all acne home treatments, they are the most effective.

OTC remedies are found in beauty stores, drug stores, beauty treatment salons, and even in department stores. They are usually inexpensive, so it won’t be problematic to try several types and pick the one that helps you the most.

There are also special anti-acne devices available. They are not cheap but many people find them effective against inflamed pimples.


Many people claim that ordinary toothpaste, applied on the pimple for a while, works for them.

Despite toothpaste is just unable to treat severe acne, some types may be really helpful against single pimples.

This is because of the substance called triclosan, which kills some bacteria. It is found in some toothpaste types and also in some anti-acne products.

The thing is that apart from triclosan, toothpaste also contains other substances that may cause skin irritation, especially when they stay on the skin for a long period of time (mention that many people who find this treatment beneficial advice to leave toothpaste on for a night). And this may make your pimple look even worse.


And here is the last and the weirdest of all DIY acne remedies. You have probably heard of it in this or that version (for example, treat acne with baby urine or your own morning one). Some people swear it works. But the truth is that it is not only useless and disgusting but it may be harmful as well. After all, it is obvious that urine contains substances that our body aims to get rid of.