How Sports Supplements Can Boost Athletic Performance

Sports supplements are an ultimately profitable business. The vast majority of performing athletes search for effective nutrition promoting their strength and stamina. However, not all the options available within the modern market are useful and safe for athlete’s use. Below you can find inevitable information about the most popular and effective over-the-counter supplements.

Supplements as They Are

Before taking any supplement, you need to figure out the general meaning of the phrase. Generally, a supplement is the thing you add to your diet in order to compensate nutritional deficiency. Supplements are typically added to a well-balanced nutrition. They can include:

• Herbs;
• Amino acids;
• Vitamins;
• Minerals;
• Other botanicals.

Supplements which Won’t Help

Dietary supplements do not require meeting the Food and Drug Administration standards. Thus, there are no rules that guarantee purity or safety of products sold as supplements. Therefore, an overwhelming majority of supplements are NOT:

• Kept to definite manufacturing standards;
• Required to undergo certain efficacy or safety tests before going to the market;
• Required to meet specific requirements that over-the-counter or prescription medications are;
• Required to prove the safety and effectiveness of the health claim they provide;
• Guaranteed to meet purity ratings and product potency.

Since the FDA is not allowed to remove the supplement from the market unless its potential medical harm is proven, an overwhelming majority of health risks from supplements intake are realized only after its consumption. Supplements, which are pulled from the market frequently cause severe health disorders or fatal symptoms tied to the product use.

Ergogenic Aids and Substances to Boost Performance

Drugs, substances, procedures and devices, which are likely to enhance athletic performance, are called ergogenic aids. Some of the mentioned substances are naturally produced, widely available and fully legal, while others are illegal and banned by different sporting organizations.

Top Sports Supplements Taken by Athletes

• Creatine. The supplement is reported to boost repeated bouts of intensive exercises, including weight lifting, power sports and sprinting.
• B-Vitamins. They are inevitable for proper body functioning, but they can also serve as a link between B-Vitamins and performance in professional athletes.
• Ephedrine. According to the results of numerous researches, the supplement is not likely to advance strength, anaerobic capacity, endurance, reaction time or recovery time.
• Glutamine. The product belongs to a group of nutritional supplements and is not banned to be regulated by the majority of sport organizations.
• Caffeine. The supplement has been actively used by endurance athletes for many years to advance endurance and stay alert.
• Glucosamine. It helps to stimulate cartilage and is commonly taken to treat the signs of osteoarthritis. But can it help athletic performance?

Sports Drinks and Hydration

Proper fluid consumption is indispensable for performance, comfort and safety of an athlete. The more intensely and longer you exercise, the more vital it is to drink the correct type of fluids. Under certain circumstances, some sports drinks can be more effective and helpful. However, some of them are not better than usual sugar water.

• Ribose. The supplement is reported to promote an advantageous impact on athlete’s performance.
• Protein supplements. They are inevitable nutrients necessary for proper body functioning of an athlete. Sedentary individuals as well as sportsmen need adequate daily protein.

How to Estimate Health Claims of the Supplement

While it is a challenging task to wade through research, considering performance and health benefits of certain nutritional supplements, these recommendations may help you make the right decision. Mind the health impact of any sports supplement before its intake and choose a proper product to experience the maximal performance and health benefit.